HOUSTON- A store clerk shot and killed a man who attempted to take cigarettes from behind the register in southwest Houston on Saturday night.

According to police, the incident happened around 8:30 p.m. at the Sunny's Food Mart on W. Orem Drive and Townwood Drive.

Officials said a man walked into the store and asked the clerk for cigarettes "on credit". A different clerk did that for him before, officials said, but this employee refused.

The customer then got upset and went around the counter and started grabbing cigarettes from behind the register.

The clerk then grabbed a gun and shot the customer. He was transported to Ben Taub Hospital where he later died.

Michael Labome saw the shooting and said the incident blew him away.

"He went behind the counter and when I saw him, the cashier grabbed the gun, cocked it, pow pow pow three times. That's when the guy fell." Labome said. "In that moment, I wasn't really thinking about nothing but getting the hell out of there but my cripple self couldn't get out, had to hold the door to help the customers out."

Police were already on the scene at the time because they were working a separate shooting that happened earlier Saturday.

Labome said he's grateful he lived to talk about it.

"I feel blessed seeing two (shootings). Damn near back to back and not one of them bullets hit me. I feel blessed. God's got something else to do for me." he said.

The store clerk was questioned and released by police. Officers said a grand jury will determine if he will face any charges.