HOUSTON - There were some scary moments for students and staff at Dekaney High School Thursday. Rumors that an armed suspect was in the building sent panicked students running through the hallways.

It turned there were some robbery suspects hiding in the school after allegedly holding up a GameStop on FM 1960.

As deputies swarmed the building and the Sheriff's Office helicopter landed on the football field, teens searched for safety.

"The school went on lockdown. This is the worst situation that ever happened at Dekaney High School," said Desmond Cannon, a student.

Cannon was in the lunchroom when news spread through the building.

"We just went on panic mode, there were no lunches today, we just went on a panic mode," Cannon said.

Students were eventually funneled into the auditorium where they stayed for hours. Jaime Fuentes, another student, said he saw one teen arrested inside the auditorium. It's not clear if he was one of the suspects.

Deputies found at least two robbery suspects inside the school. We're blurring their faces because we don't know their ages.

Two other suspects were also taken into custody. Deputies said they also recovered several weapons on the Spring ISD campus.

Booker Elementary was also on lockdown during the search.

Spring ISD released the following statement:

"All suspects being pursued by police on the Dekaney High School campus have been apprehended. School administration continues to work with police on the investigation. The school will remain in lockdown until it has been lifted by law enforcement. Please be assured we take the safety of our students very seriously and are taking the necessary precautions to ensure their safety."