GALVESTON, Texas- Galveston Police are looking for the people who vandalized a church.

Someone spray-painted the words "KKK," "White rule KKK" and other hateful messages on a construction site for the church as well as on some nearby cars.

"The people that we serve are very generous," said David Gomez, pastor of New Life Fellowship Church. "They are very committed. They love God."

But Pastor Gomez says whoever scrawled the messages all over the new building don't have much love for the community.

"We don't have an idea why they hit us," Gomez said. "I've been here 26 years. We've been good neighbors. Whoever did this, apparently they have hate in their hearts."

Gomez said the church went to the police after contractors discovered the graffiti Monday morning.

"It makes me sick," said Diana Killen, whose white Ford was spray painted with the three letter emblem.

"I know the car can get fixed. It's what it did to me," said Bobby Killen.

Pastor Gomez believes this does taint the new building slightly.

"There's nothing biblical about it, nothing biblical at all," he said. "That's just hate."

Gomez tells KHOU 11 News he feels lucky the grafitti was in the back near the construction site so no parents and kids saw anything.

Police say they did take a report and they're looking into this. If they track the people down, the suspects could face felony charges.

Pastor Gomez say the new 12,500 square foot day care facility is set to open in September.