HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A 92-year-old had her purse snatched while grocery shopping at a northwest Harris County Kroger Friday afternoon.

While purse snatchings are sadly very common, this one happened in broad daylight to a very independent great-grandmother, and some Good Samaritans stepped up.

Lois Bothe went to Kroger at 12343 State Highway 6 and was looking at plants outside the store when a teenager ran by and grabbed her purse out of the shopping cart.

Witnesses say he jumped into a waiting car. Some Good Samaritans took down the license plate and got some pictures of the car, which were turned over to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies.

Bothe and her daughter are fighting back.

“I was conscious of it when he went by, and I hollered, ‘Oh, my gosh! He’s got my purse!’” Bothe said.

“Help somebody that’s elderly,” said Melonie Stokley, Bothe’s daughter. “Mow their grass, or take their garbage out or do something constructive, because you’re going to get caught.”

Bothe said she drives on her own and is very independent. She says she lost her credit cards and car keys during the snatching, but luckily her billfold and coin purse fell out, so she was able to retrieve those.

Bothe said her iPhone 7 was taken which she uses to text and FaceTime. She plans to post photos from the incident to Facebook when she gets them.