KINGWOOD, Texas - Surveillance cameras captured the moment armed robbers broke into a home in Kingwood over the weekend.

However, it turns out the five suspects targeted the family by mistake.

KHOU 11 News spoke to the homeowner who chose to remain anonymous. She says five men armed with guns pushed their way into her home at 11:15 p.m. Saturday.

The mother was home with her adult son, 16-year-old daughter, and her 14-year-old friend.

“I saw my daughter lying on the floor with her friend face down in the living room. I saw my son with his hands above his head with the second gun behind his head,” she said.

The woman says the suspects were searching for something.

“[My son] goes, ‘what are you looking for? I don’t know what you’re looking for.’ [The suspect] said ‘pills’. He said, ‘you’ve got the wrong house, man. You’ve got the wrong house!’,” she described.

Once the suspects realized where they were supposed to be, they left the home without hurting anyone.

“My son was so sure he was going to get shot in the head, twice. My daughter doesn't want to stay home alone. She doesn't want to stay in her room alone. I’m afraid to answer the door bell, even in the morning,” the Kingwood mom said.

Anyone with information about the would-be robbers should contact HPD’s Robbery Division.