MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - Pastor Ronald Wayne Mitchell remained locked up in the Montgomery County Jail nearly a day after making bond.

“It can be time-consuming sometimes,” said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Ronnie Silvio. In this case, officials say Mitchell’s family has yet to turn over his passport per a court order.

And that’s not the only hiccup.

“There’s a protective order involved and there is the matter of wearing a GPS ankle bracelet,” said Captain Silvio.

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Mitchell was arrested Wednesday following a raid of his home in Magnolia. It also houses Body of Christ Ministries.

We’ve learned up to 20 or so parishioners live at the home with Mitchell and his family and that the underage victim he’s accused of sexually assaulting may have lived there too.

“We are a close congregation,” said one unidentified church member Wednesday night. Parishioners blamed a disgruntled former member for the sexual assault claims. They said they didn’t know about a cache of weapons a SWAT Team confiscated.

"We're Christians so we cannot do anything wrong,” said another member. “ We have to live for God.”

For now, Mitchell will be living in jail until court orders are met.

“The responsibility is on him,” said Silvio.

This is still an active investigation. Deputies say there could be additional victims.