PASADENA, Texas - A Pasadena woman caught a car burglar in the act this week.

Cynthia Salgado was in her gated apartment complex on Lafferty Road in Pasadena Monday morning when she noticed a man sitting in her van.

She said the suspect had already broken the locks, stolen the car radio, and messed with the van’s ignition switch.

The mother of two recorded the confrontation on her phone.

In the video, she yells, “Hey, what are you doing in my car? I’ll call the police right now!”

Salgado posted the video on Facebook in hopes of someone recognizing the man. Within two days, Pasadena police say the suspect’s own sister saw the social media post and came forward. She turned her brother in Wednesday afternoon.

Pasadena police say the suspected burglar confessed to the crime. They expect formal charges to be filed Thursday.