HOUSTON – The armed security officers in the neighborhood where burglars shot two police officers have their own fears.

Armed Security on Bikes, the hired patrols for the Glenshire community, all carry weapons and handcuffs.

They are all current or former law enforcement officers able to detain suspects until police arrive.

For two years and counting, the officers respond to calls of burglary, robbery, disturbances and suspicions vehicles.

However, they are hurting just like neighbors after known gang members caught breaking into homes shot two Houston Police officers.

One shooter is still on the run.

“We just pray and feel for the families (of the officers),” Chatman said.

So instead of the usual disturbance calls, security patrols said welfare checks and calls to looking into suspicious cars and people are up 10-fold.

“(Burglaries) come in spurts,” Chatman said.

In recent weeks, security responded to a rash of burglaries. They always call police to investigate.

On past occasions, they also help officers track down some suspects, Chatman said.

This time, though, there is more pressure. Chatman and his patrols drive around worried about things they can’t see.

“The hardest part about our job is not knowing,” he said. “What I mean by that is not knowing if somebody is in a homeowner’s house when we pass by. What house is going to be hit next? Are (suspects) going to show up walking? On a bike? Or in a vehicle? All that plays in your mind when you’re out patrolling.”

So his units roam both sides of the 1,300 home community 24 hours every day of the week hoping their next call is a tip that helps police calm fears.