HOUSTON – New information was revealed on the man accused of breaking into a Memorial-area apartment to rape a woman.

The suspect, Bryce Scott, was recently released from federal prison, and that had an impact on Monday's court appearance.

A judge just denied bond for Scott. He also can’t have any contact with the sex assault victim.

In court, prosecutors explained how Scott broke in to his neighbor’s Memorial apartment last Thursday.

They said he hovered over her bed as she slept. When she woke up, prosecutors say he pointed a gun at her.

They told a judge how Scott forced the woman’s two young daughters out of the apartment. One of them was able to grab mom’s phone and call 911.

Prosecutors allege the 42-year-old suspect then raped the woman who begged for her life.

“We have services and resources for her (the victim). But at this time I cannot comment on her state, because I’m not quite sure. She’s doing OK though,” Kristina Roberts, Harris County District Attorney’s Office, said.

Scott’s bond request was denied because he was out on supervised release after a stint in federal prison.

County prosecutors say they don’t know for what, but it was enough for a judge to send him back to jail.

Scott will be back in court next month.