HOUSTON — The boyfriend of a woman who vanished in late March has been charged with her murder.

Homicide detectives believe Miguel Buezo shot and killed 26-year-old Karen Ramirez and dumped her body in southeast Houston. 

Texas Equusearch volunteers are searching for the remains of Karen Ramirez in an area near the intersection of Wayside and Dixie in southeast Houston. 

“We’ve got every reason to believe that she’s not very far from here,” said Tim Miller who leads the non-profit search group. “There are many, many little small areas. There are some bigger areas that you can pull in and dump something quickly. Again, it’s a process of elimination.”

Miguel Buezo (HPD) 

Authorities have been searching for 26-year-old Ramirez since she was reported missing by her family March 27. 

Houston police say she was last heard from while she was at the La Playita Bar & Grill with Buezo. Witnesses told police the couple got in a fight before they left the bar..   

On March 31, police found her small red car in the 8300 Block of Tilgham. 

According to court documents, detectives found blood on and under the driver’s seat as well as on the passenger’s seat. 

Houston police say there was also a bullet hole in the passenger’s door. Investigators believe the bullet was fired from inside the vehicle to the exterior of the passenger door. They found a bullet under the driver's seat. 

Police opened the trunk of the car and discovered a dried blood stain along with an odor of decomposition. 

Ramirez and Buezo lived at a home along Lakehurst Drive. 

Houston police talked with neighbors who told them they heard the couple arguing loudly in their driveway between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. on March 25.  

Surveillance video from another neighbor’s home showed Buezo at the back of Ramirez’s car looking in the trunk before shutting it and walking back to his house. 

Buezo, 27, has an estranged wife who told police on the morning of March 25, he came to her house and said he was flying to Honduras to see his sick mother.  

Investigators did a records check and confirmed Buezo flew to Honduras on March 26. 

“Now that he’s been charged with murder, it’s pretty obvious that, unfortunately, the outcome is not going to be what people wanted,” said Miller.

He said Texas Equusearch won’t stop searching until Ramirez’s remains are found.