Twenty-two alleged gang members in the Houston area are accused of committing multiple violent crimes.

According to the Department of Justice, their charges include sex trafficking, drug trafficking, selling firearms, human smuggling and identity theft.

Eleven of the accused were arrested on Tuesday.

  • Giovani Alecio aka Whiteboy, 26, of Houston
  • Victor Javiel Gonzalez, 29, of Houston
  • Maria Angelica Moreno-Reyna aka Patty, 51, of Houston
  • Gabriela Gonzalez-Flores aka Gabby, 46, of Houston
  • Eddie Torres aka Monterrey, 38, of Houston
  • Jose Luis Moreno aka Lucky, 23, of Houston
  • Gilberto Espinoza Garcia, 49, of Houston
  • Hector Reyna aka Pantera, 26, of Houston
  • Jimmy Mejia Chavez, 33, of Houston
  • Grisel Salas aka Cris, 34, of Donna
  • Jose Ruben Palomo-Martinez, 48, of Mission

The DOJ says two others were already in custody on related charges.

  • Erik Ivan Alvarez-Chavez aka Casa, 39, of Houston
  • Denis Amaya Calballero aka Keiko, 25, of Houston

There are nine more people who remain at large. If you know anything about their whereabouts, please contact the FBI Houston Field Office at (713) 693-5000.

  • Bianca Stephanie Reyna aka Troubles, 20, of Houston
  • Claudia Soriano-Hernandez, 26, of Houston
  • Juan Carlos Contreras Cervantes, 25, of Houston
  • Raul Moreno Reyna aka Coney, 53, of Houston
  • William Alberto Lopez, 27, of Houston
  • Anadalit Duarte aka Paola, 25, of Houston
  • Walter Lopez, 26, off Houston
  • Israel Juarez Sifuentes, 43, of Donna
  • Melissa Dominguez aka Missy, 50, of Donna

The indictment claims they operated various brothels in Houston area apartments and in Mexico. It also claims they would force undocumented immigrants to work as prostitutes and tattoo their names on them; the youngest victim was allegedly 14 years old.

If convicted of sex trafficking, they could face a minimum of 15 years to life in prison.Those charged with the drug trafficking face a minimum of 10 years to life with prison. Whereas human smuggling charges carry a maximum of 20 years, and the illegal trafficking of firearms carry five more years imprisonment.