HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Harris County Pct. 4 Deputy Constables say 16 men were recently arrested after prostitution complaints south of Spring.

The arrests occurred Tuesday and Wednesday near FM 1960 W and Cypress Station Drive, according to the constable’s office.

Officials say the undercover police operation focused on the men who are “creating a demand for the street level prostitution,” which is a driving force behind human trafficking.

Mugshots: 16 men charged with prostitution in Spring area

In all 16 men are facing at least a charge of prostitution. Some were also arrested on outstanding warrants and weapons charges.

“Constable Mark Herman’s Office has taken a firm stance on identifying and assisting Human Trafficking victims and eradicating prostitution from the neighborhoods and business districts of Precinct 4,” a press release stated.

“The areas targeted by Constable Investigators in this operation were in close proximity to schools, daycares, and churches,” stated Constable Mark Herman.