HOUSTON – A local mom is warning other parents after watching thieves break into her car at a popular park playground.

Brenda Gutierrez was at Memorial Park Friday afternoon, pushing her toddler on a swing set, just 20 feet from her parked SUV.

As she and her son were on the playground, Gutierrez says she saw a white SUV pull up and park next to hers.

In a matter of minutes, the car pulled away. But not before burglars smashed in the Gutierrez’s back window, stealing her purse and credit cards.

“It was pretty intimidating. The driver was staring at me. We locked eyes. There was really nothing I could do. By the time I realized what was happening I just wanted to stay with my kid.” Gutierrez says

Before Gutierrez could cancel the stolen cards, the thieves cashed in at a Kroger, using the credit cards to purchase $2,500 in gift cards.

The family is hoping surveillance video from the store caught the transaction.

Gutierrez says Houston Police told her car break-ins at the park are a problem.