HOUSTON - There is a new victim in the scam targeting drivers on Houston roads. Police say they think it is the work of a sophisticated crime ring.

The scam involves suspects flagging down other drivers and telling them there is something wrong with their vehicles and to pull over before robbing them.

In our previous reports, women were flagged down by the strangers on the road. In the latest account, a woman described what happened to her son.

Bridget Adam said her son, who is in his early 20’s, was on I-45 when he was flagged down by another driver.

"In his words, he said (the suspect) nearly ran him off the road trying to get his attention. (The suspect) said that his brakes were sparking, it was very, very dangerous, and he shouldn't drive anymore." said Adam.

The suspects drove the victim’s vehicle to a gas station and after getting “supplies” inside, the suspects “fixed” the vehicle.

“My son said it looked like a piece of junk pipe, maybe plumbing, and (the suspects) just stood around at the back of the car and my son said he needed to pay him for parts and labor." said Adam. "It ended up being 500 dollars cash, because that's all my son could get out of the ATM."

The man also paid the suspects another $200 for the items bought inside the gas station.

"I'm angry; very, very angry that this happened to my child." said Adam.

Houston Police Investigators now have a pretty clear picture of the man from the gas station surveillance footage.

To explain why he did as the suspects said, the mom said, "My son has social anxiety, so he doesn't always read social cues real well."

Police say thieves involved with this kind of scam, zero in on vulnerable victims.

After the mom shared her son’s story on Facebook, people began blaming the man and he was too upset to interview with KHOU 11 on Thursday.