HOUSTON - A day after a 14-year-old boy was found dead underneath the bleachers at St. Jerome Catholic School, the boy's mother is speaking out saying there's more to the story.

She believes her son's death was no accident.

Sandra Gutierrez found her son Mike Deflin's body Wednesday morning. She reported him missing around midnight that same day.

"I saw him and I started shouting, Mike, Mike, Mike," said Gutierrez. "I turned him over and he wouldn't wake up. He was purple, his mouth was puffy and I thought someone did this to him."

The last time Gutierrez saw her son, he told her he was heading to St. Jerome Catholic School. That was at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

His last text message to Gutierrez appears to tell her he was on his way home around 7:30 p.m. But come midnight, the 14-year-old was still missing.

The grisly recovery was made the next morning. Sandra Gutierrez is convinced her son was not alone when he died.

"They left him there like an animal, face down where he couldn't even breathe," said Gutierrez. "They covered him with jackets so no one could easily spot him."

There was alcohol on the scene too. She believes this was all part of a gang initiation that went horribly wrong.

Now this mother is preparing to bury her son and still looking for answers about how he ended up dead under the bleachers.

"Always talk to your kids," said Gutierrez. "Make sure you know who they're hanging out with. If we had known maybe things could have been different."

Gutierrez says she plans to provide the Houston Police Department with copies of Facebook messages that she believes might be relevant to the investigation.

HPD says the course this investigation takes will depend on the results of the autopsy.