HOUSTON - The man who confessed to the murder of a 93-year-old woman in 1999 appeared in court Wednesday.

San Diego Delgado made his first appearance for capital murder charges, linked to the death of Novell McKissack. She was found dead in her home on Petty Street in September 1999.

The crime shocked neighbors who said McKissack was like everyone’s favorite grandma.

Confession helps solve 1999 murder of 93-year-old woman

Delgado wrote a confession letter from prison while serving time for a kidnapping and rape that happened the year after McKissack was killed.

Delgado, who lived down the street from McKissack, said he broke into her home to support his drug habit. When she woke up, he said he “stabbed her a bunch of times… and didn’t stop till she was not moving.”

A neighbor identified Delgado from a photo lineup as the man seen in McKissack’s backyard the night of the murder. His photo also matches the composite sketch from 1999.

It took investigators a couple of years to match all of the evidence, including DNA and fingerprints.

Delgado is scheduled to be back in court on June 27.