HOUSTON – Houston Police are investigating after a 20-year old man was targeted by robbers while walking home from work in the Braeswood area.

The victim, Alejandro Ramirez said he left work at a fast food restaurant just before midnight. He rode a Metro bus to his southwest Houston apartment. As Ramirez took a short walk home, he said a red car with multiple men pulled up alongside him.

“And [they] ran at me and pulled a gun out,” said Ramirez as he laid on the floor of his apartment. “And I couldn’t see anything. Blue hoodie. Black and white bandana. Raised up to here. About 6 foot,” recalled the gunshot victim just after he was released from the hospital. “And I turned and there’s a Hispanic man. A kid actually, a teenager, with a shotgun like that. In my face.”

The group demanded all of Ramirez’s valuables. The only thing the man had on him was a cellphone that had a cracked screen. Ramirez is struggling to make ends me.

He said the cellphone didn’t have service, because Ramirez couldn’t afford it.

“And I threw my phone to the floor. I said you can have it, now leave me alone.”

Instead, Alejandro Ramirez was shot four times in his lower abdomen and legs.

Police found him laying in Dumfries Drive. Police are now investigating a possible connection between the robbery and an earlier carjacking.

"We do have some indications that the red vehicle may have been taken in a carjacking on the north side of the 59 freeway," said Lt. Larry Crowson with HPD.

Ramirez is urging people not to walk alone late at night.

“They do it when you’re alone. But be alone at these times. I was alone. I was weak. I was vulnerable. And somehow they knew.”

A detailed description of the suspects and the red car was not immediately available.

Anyone with information should call Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.