CONROE, Texas - Firefighters in Conroe are enraged after a man showed up at their firehouse asking for help and then proceeded to steal one of their personal vehicles.

It happened Thursday morning at the Caney Creek Fire Department off Highway 242 near FM 1314.

"It's pretty frustrating," said Mark Lefevre, who had his keys and then his SUV stolen. "We're a fire service. We're supposed to help the public and the people around us that's why we keep our doors open."

The whole incident was caught on the fire station's surveillance cameras, which on Friday firefighters walked us through.

Investigators say the man came to the station three times that morning. Each time he asked for water and each time firefighters gave him water.

It wasn't until the third time that he came back that firefighters say he swiped Lefevre's keys and then his Ford Explorer.

"We gave him water while he had the keys," said Lieutenant Timothy Kalbow. "He even said 'Thank you for your service, I appreciate it.' He also said 'I'm grateful for the water.'"

As the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office tries to track this thief down, the firefighters continue to wait for their next call - still helping anyone in need.

"It just gets me that somebody would take advantage of somebody out here, just trying to help you," said Kalbow.

Ironically, Lefevre said his SUV doesn't have a working air conditioning system.

Someone spotted the thief, according to firefighters, Friday at a gas station near the Grand Parkway and Kuykendahl Road but investigators continue to pursue leads.