HOUSTON – Police are looking for multiple shooters after a man died when he was hit by a stray bullet near a car wash in northeast Houston overnight.

According to the Houston Police Department, it happened at about 10 p.m. Sunday along on Homestead Road near Little York and Eastex Freeway.

Investigators said they think there was a block party in the neighborhood. People apparently used a grocery store lot for parking, and some men reportedly got into an altercation.

As one man was driving away in a black sedan, Police say several shots were fired. One of those bullets made it's away across the street near the car wash where Jason Jolley was standing.

"Jason was my baby brother. He did not deserve to die a violent death like this. No one does,” said Kendra Larkin who is Jolley’s older sister. “He’d bring his smile no matter what, that was Jason.”

Police said Jolley, 41, was an innocent victim in the shootout who died at the scene. Neighbors found out of Jolley’s death within minutes of his death.

“He loved the community. He needed to go to the dentist today and he told me that he wanted to help somebody on the next street that couldn’t walk to go to the doctor. That’s how kind and sweet he was.,” said Larkin.

Investigators are asking anyone who has information to step forward and provide any information that they can and bring justice for the victim's family.

“They can’t even imagine what they’ve taken from us.” Said Larkin.

Jolley volunteered at his local grocery store. He would accompany his elderly neighbors to their doctor’s appointments. His sister said Jolley could consistently find ways to help and give back.

“And he enjoyed life. He was so full of life.” So in one last act of kindness, Jason Jolley’s eyes will be donated.

“I feel through his eyes, he’s seen the world. It’s a beautiful place,” said Larkin. “I just want someone to be able to have those beautiful eyes of his and be able to see the world just as Jason did.”