HOUSTON - There has been a big twist in the case of a woman accused of killing her common-law husband over another woman.

In court on Friday, Debra Davis' attorney said Davis was not romantically involved with Rodney Johnson, the man she's accused of shooting. She says the pair was only friends and Davis was trying to help him turn his life around.

"Ms. Davis knew the deceased because their children were married to each other... She was helping him get a job. She was helping him stay off drugs. She was helping him stay in line so he wouldn't go back to prison," said Davis' attorney.

HPD: Woman confessed to shooting cheating common-law husband

Davis' attorney says that Johnson came at Davis with a bat shortly before she shot him and had repeatedly threatened to kill her and her family.

Houston police say she was angry after finding Johnson with another woman and that Davis confessed.

According to HPD, Johnson was shot in his family's driveway Tuesday night on Cathedral Drive near Wilmington in Sunnyside. His family says he was meeting with a girlfriend when Davis showed up and pulled out a gun. Johnson later died at the hospital.

Johnson's cousin says he and Davis lived together in Missouri City but Johnson would meet other women in Sunnyside.

Davis was read her bond conditions in court Friday. She's now out on $50,000 bail.