A local murder case that grabbed national attention is headed to trial.

Jury selection started Monday in the trial of Sandra Melgar. She is accused of murdering her longtime husband then trying to cover it up.

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The prosecution and defense spent the morning going through 65 prospective jurors, but after going through the usual selection process, prosecutors tell KHOU the two sides weren’t able to come up with a group of 12.

Prosecutors say they will resume the process Tuesday morning.

Melgar, 57, is accused of stabbing her husband Jaime to death in December of 2012 inside their northwest Harris County home. They believe Melgar then tied herself up in a closet to make it look like a home invasion had occurred.

The two were found by relatives who came over to celebrate the couple’s 32nd wedding anniversary.

Melgar originally told investigators she blacked out in a bathroom and awoke tied up in a closet. However, in July 2014 she was arrested and charged with murder.

Melgar has since been free on a $50,000 bond. If convicted, she faces up to life in prison.