HOUSTON – The man accused of beating and stabbing a Hedwig Village woman who was like a second mother to him will stay locked up.

Another judge just denied bond for Michael Susberry on Thursday.

Susberry needed the help of a walker to appear before a Harris County judge. The 55-year-old listened as prosecutors described just how kind Janiel Bernard was to him and his family.

Bernard once employed Susberry’s mother as her housekeeper. And even after she retired, Bernard would pay her, as a sort of retirement.

Janiel Bernard. Photo: Courtesy

In court, Susberry’s family described that 79-year-old woman as a second mother, saying Michael Susberry grew up in her Hedwig Village home.

Prosecutors say the night Bernard was murdered she welcomed Susberry into her home, offering him water and visiting with him before police say he stabbed her repeatedly in the chest.

“What we’ll take into consideration is the evidence. And the evidence in this case points to the fact that the defendant is the one that committed this capital murder,” Samantha Knecht, a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, said. “So regardless of his stature, or what he looks like, what we’re concerned about is the evidence.”

Hedwig Village Police say Susberry confessed to wanting to rob Bernard, but his defense attorney prosecutors need more than that.

“That’s an allegation,” Robert Scardino, defense attorney, said. “I haven’t seen what is alleged to be a confession nor have I had a chance to see the circumstances under which the alleged confession was taken.”

Police said surveillance cameras put Susberry in the neighborhood the time Bernard was killed.

And prosecutors say bus cards punched the day of her death show a route from his home towards hers.

A judge had denied bond for Susberry, which means he’ll stay in jail, at least until his next court appearance which is in August.