HOUSTON- It was a murder that stunned a community.

A beloved businessman, Carroll Oliver, was gunned down at the McDonalds he owned in east Houston. One year later there hasn't been an arrest, but police believe the killer is out there.

At first police thought this might have been an inside job, possibly a former employee looking to get back at his boss. However, the investigation is now taking a different turn.

"The only thing they stole today was Mr. Oliver's life," said Detective Fil Waters, with Houston Police Department's Homicide Division.

Who killed Carroll Oliver? From the beginning it was a murder that left a community wondering why.

"Very caring, always was trying to help people, trying to be a service to the community," said a man on the scene describing Oliver.

Even one year later, Waters says the 68-year-old business owner was the giving type. A husband, father and a chaplain for a local constable.

"He's the guy in the community that literally would go to halfway houses looking for people who needed a second chance and he would hire those folks," said Waters.

On Jan. 11 2016, Oliver was walking out of his McDonalds on the east side near I-10 and Lockwood. He was on his way to the bank and armed.

A surveillance image is the only glance we have of the killer in what police believe is a white late model Toyota 4-runner. Someone fired from inside the SUV. They never got out, never took any money. Now, the possibility it was an inside job isn't the leading theory.

"It would appear that this may have been more of a personal nature," said Waters.

The investigation took detectives to Louisiana, the Marksville area, where Oliver grew up. They won't say what they found, only that they still need the public's help to catch the killer.

"We're hopeful, whatever the circumstance was that caused this to happen, that someone is either going to get a dose of conscious about what happened here, or the greed factor kick in and they want $50,000 dollars."

That's the reward. Call Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS with any information.

We spoke to Oliver's family, but they did not want to do an interview, saying they are still devastated.