A Harris County deputy constable who is on leave fighting cancer lost over $90,000 of savings to a thief.

The suspect allegedly stole the deputy’s identity then spent big on donuts and money orders.

Surveillance cameras caught him in action and investigators hope the public can help find him.

Video from two HEB stores in Katy shows the alleged suspect buying money orders and withdrawing cash from ATMs.

In two days, he spent more than $90,000, according to Precinct 5 Constable Ted Heap. The money came from the savings account of a 17-year patrol veteran on Heap’s staff who is currently on leave battling cancer.

“We don’t know what that money is for whether or not it’s for the children’s education, whether or not it’s for medical expense and then to have someone just randomly take somebody’s savings and withdraw, it’s devastating,” said Constable Heap.

It happened last month after the deputy opened a home equity line of credit. Someone got access to the account, ordered a debit card then either picked it off in the mail or took it from the deputy’s home mailbox, investigators said.

Though their suspect also bought donuts and fuel during his spending spree, authorities think he is experienced.

Last year, Precinct 5 opened more than 300 identity theft cases.

“Whether or not it’s credit card abuse, whether or not it’s a skimming of a gas card, whether or not it’s just identity theft, it is a problem,” he said.