HUMBLE, Texas - Investigators say a man fled toward Mexico with his son after murdering his live-in girlfriend near Humble.

“There was a homicide over there, a murder,” said neighbor Terry Michael. Michael didn’t hear anything from his home across Fire Sage Drive.

“I just happened to look out my window and see all the activity and everything,” said Michael.

Harris County Sheriff’s investigators say 55 year-old Rogelio Flores shot and killed his live-in girlfriend before leaving the home with his 12 year-old son. The two were later located in Victoria, Texas.

Shooting scene on Fire Sage Drive.

“Really nice people, down-to-Earth Mexican people, you know?” said landlord Ricardo Alejandro. Alejandro rented his home to the couple five months ago. He said they claimed to be husband and wife, at first.

Alejandro said they missed October’s rent and that Flores complained of financial problems.

“She was spending too much money, that’s what he told me last time,” said Alejandro. He said he spoke with Flores soon after arriving at the crime scene himself Monday morning. He said Flores seemed calm.

“I said “you at work? I’ll meet you at work at your job,” said Alejandro. “He goes “no, I’m in the truck at work in the truck.”

Investigators say the victim’s daughter was at school when her mother’s body was discovered by deputies following a 911 call.

Neighbors are just relieved the suspect’s son was found safe. “He could have killed himself and his son down the line of he wasn’t caught right away,” said Michael.

Family members went to get the suspect’s son while investigators worked to reach the victim’s family. Flores was charged with murder by Victoria County deputies.