HOUSTON – Police are searching for several suspects after they stole an ATM when they stormed a luxury hotel in the Galleria area overnight.

According to the Houston Police Department, three dark-colored vehicles pulled up, two Dodge Magnums and a Chevrolet Impala, right to the front door of the Houston Marriott West Loop located in the 1700 block of the West Loop.

Police said anywhere from seven to 10 men, all wearing masks, stormed into the hotel.

There was only an unarmed security guard and a cleaning lady inside at the time, police said. The suspects surrounded the security guard, and told him to stay out of their way.

The suspects left him, and then went to the back and grabbed the ATM.

With all of them lifting the machine, they carried it right out the front door and loaded the ATM into the back of one of the Magnums, police said.

No one was hurt, and the suspects fled the scene.

Police said there is surveillance video of the whole incident, but police have not yet been able to get their hands on it.