HOUSTON – A failed smash-and-grab left behind a mess at a luxury dealership early Monday in southwest Houston.

According to the Houston Police Department, three men used their truck to crash into the Momentum Porsche showroom located in the 10100 block of the Southwest Freeway.

The suspects were trying to steal a safe inside, not knowing it was empty, police said.

The suspects, first smashed through the dealership entrance, then backed their truck through the showroom’s glass doors, and finally broke the glass room surrounding the empty safe.

For hours, shattered pieces of glass laid scattered throughout the showroom as police and their K-9 searched for the suspects who took off on foot.

Police said the men used a 50 to 60 foot long chain to wrap around the safe, hoping to pull it out.

However, they got their truck bumper caught on the door frame, forcing them to run away.

Police said the suspects left behind more than $50,000 worth of damage, including ruining a couple of expensive cars that were on display inside.

Those who run the dealership do not believe this was an inside job.

“It’s unfortunate, there’s just nothing, we don’t leave anything around, maybe you could grab a couple of shirts, those have tags on them too, there’s nothing in here that’s sitting around, that’s worth tearing a whole dealership to get to,” Michael Denney, general manager of Momentum Porsche, said.

This is the second attempted burglary the dealership has dealt with in the last five years.

The three suspects were caught on the dealership’s surveillance camera, which police are now reviewing.

Police said the three men were all wearing hoodies over their head, heavy coats, and gloves.