The Houston Police Department has assigned “several” investigators in an attempt to find Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey, a police spokesperson confirmed to USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday.

Members of HPD’s major offender division are putting together a timeline of events between when Brady stored the No. 12 jersey he wore in the Patriots' Super Bowl LI overtime victory Sunday over the Falcons in a bag and noticed it was missing minutes later.

“The investigation is still active and ongoing,” Houston police spokesman Jodi Silva said.

But HPD Chief Art Acevedo told an Austin radio station the case isn't a priority.

“It might be the highest priority for [the] lieutenant governor, I can tell you we had three homicides the night of the Super Bowl in the city of Houston, and we’d like to find it, but I don’t think we’re burning the midnight oil worrying about a jersey.” Acevedo said. “It’s just not the biggest, greatest importance in the big scheme of things.”

The chief mentioned he told his staff to keep their priorities in check.

“I told those guys, ‘Hey guys, we’ll give it a run, but let’s keep things in perspective, it’s a jersey,'” Acevedo said.

While there was no video surveillance of the locker room, Silva said investigators are reviewing video footage surveillance from cameras located outside entryways to the locker room. Police are also reaching out to news media members who may have captured footage that would be helpful to the investigation.

There was a window of about 10 to 15 minutes where it appears the theft occurred.

Brady took off the jersey and put on a championship T-shirt to fulfill his media obligations. When he returned to his locker, Brady went back into his bag and noticed it was no longer there.

“This is not good,” Brady said after his frantic search. “It was right here and now I don’t have it. Not good.”

It wasn’t until late Monday afternoon that Houston police announced a theft had occurred and confirmed they were working with NFL security and other law enforcement agencies to both track down jersey and locate the person responsible.

“We are attempting to see who was in the locker room at that time because they would be possible suspects," Houston Police Department Executive Assistant Chief George Buenik said in a news conference on Tuesday. “We are going to look at everybody who had access to that locker room.”

Buenik added that there will be reward offered for the recovery of the jersey and information leading to an arrest.

The Texas Rangers are also on the case.