HOUSTON – Video just released Thursday morning by Houston paints a better picture of what happened to a 61-year old man.

He was killed crossing the street. The surveillance video shows the car that hit Estanislao Reyes-Chacon.

Houston police are looking for the car that hit that 61-year-old man just before 7 p.m. back on Feb. 4.

WATCH: Surveillance of fatal hit-and-run on Broadway

Chacon didn’t use a crosswalk as he walked through 2400 block of Broadway.

Police say he was hit by a black Honda Accord. Seconds later, police think the man was then hit by a second car.

The driver of the black Honda stopped, was questioned by police and then let go.

But the driver of that second car kept driving.

The mystery car is a small, white four-door car.

If you think you know who it belongs to, call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.