Houston Police are asking for the public to help identify a man seen shooting a pistol in a Snapchat video posted Thursday night from the Memorial Park area .

The post was made shortly after 10 p.m. from a basketball court in Cottage Grove Park.

The shirtless man is seen firing the gun multiple times while someone records using a cell phone.

Residential homes with their lights on can be seen in the background.

Text across the bottom of the snap reads: “Let a n****** try me, I got my glocc 40."

The video is the second one since October where a Snapchat poster has shown themselves firing a weapon in a public place.

Two suspects were arrested last month following the posts originating from west Houston.

Houston Police say they received a "shots-fired" call from Cottage Grove on Thursday night but the shooter was not found.

“Maybe the first second I thought it was fireworks,” said Cottage Grove resident Sam Brayden. “But then, pretty shortly thereafter, I thought it was gunshots.”

Brayden says he looked outside toward the park and saw cars leaving the parking lot.

“The first two cars that sped away had no lights on, they went pretty quick,” said Brayden. “And then a few minutes later, I saw three cars roll out, all with their lights on moving slow.”

Houston Police say they are actively investigating the case but would like anyone who can identify the man firing the gun to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Brayden says he, his fiancee and his dog will still go to the park, but their habits may change.

“At night, it will,” Brayden said. “There will be a lot more hesitation.”