Two half-naked adults were arrested after a police officer found them passed out in a car with two toddlers in the backseat.

Dickison San Jaun, 22, is charged with DWI and endangering a child. Jessica Bello, 21, is charged with endangering a child.

The HPD officer saw their car stopped at a stop sign on Parana near Neuns in the Spring Branch area. When he looked inside, he said Dickison was passed out with his pants down. The officer said Bello was also passed out. She was straddling San Juan with her pants pulled down and shirt off, according to HPD.

In a court appearance Thursday, prosecutors said it appeared the couple passed out after having sex. The car was in a moving lane of traffic and was still in drive.

Two little girls, ages 1 and 2, were in the backseat. One was sleeping and the other was awake.

The toddlers were turned over to members of San Juan’s family.