HOUSTON -- Houston Police say a man pretending to be a police officer robbed at least nine people, and investigators want info on a possible accomplice.

Charges have been filed against 42-year-old Alvaro Javier Hidalgo. Police say the suspect also goes by the name Alberto Jose Hernandez.

So far he is charged with three counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

He's connected with these three crimes on the north side:

  • On Sept. 19 in the 9400 block of the North Freeway, a victim was approached by two men at a Texaco gas station. One suspect flashed a badge and pointed a gun at him, and the suspects then robbed the man.
  • On Sept. 26 in the 9800 block of the North Freeway, a victim was talking into the Katz Boutique when he was approached by a man with a radio and pistol. The suspect identified himself as a police officer but then robbed the man of his wallet and truck.
  • On Oct. 1 in the 1300 block of the North Loop, a man was approached at a gas station by the suspect who again identified himself as a police officer. The suspect asked the victim if he had ties to narcotics or prostitutes. He then forced his way into the victim’s vehicle and told him to drive to a couple of motels where eventually the fake cop robbed the man of his cash. The suspect then spoke into his radio as if he was contacting other officers.

Investigators believe Hidalgo may have had an accomplice who remains at large.

Anyone with additional information is urged to contact the HPD Major Offenders Division at 713-308-3100 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.