HOUSTON – A man was killed and a shooter is on the run after a woman walked-up to a car and started shooting in northwest Houston overnight.

According to the Houston Police Department, officers are looking for evidence near the intersection of Pinemont and Shepherd. The goal is to get a better description of that woman on the run.

Police are hoping a couple of witnesses can help.

Investigators said that just before 11 p.m. Thursday one of those witnesses ran to a gas station at the corner of Pinemont and Shepherd.

Investigators said they flagged down a police officer to tell them about the shooting.

Apparently, a man was in the driver's seat of a car, and it was parked outside the Candlelight Manor Apartments in the 700 block of Pinemont.

Two people were in the car with him when that woman came up on the passenger side and opened fire.

The man was hit and tried to get away, driving towards Shepherd where he died in the driver's seat.

Investigators are still interviewing those witnesses. At least one of those witnesses told police she tried pulling the driver out of the car to help him.