HOUSTON – Police are asking for help as they try to find the person who killed a 17-year-old in broad daylight Wednesday morning.

The shooting happened on Ridgestone Street in Southwest Houston. Darrell Brooks was walking to a bus stop in his neighborhood, according to his family, when someone in a car shot and killed him.

Brooks' sister, La'Monica, told KHOU 11 News, “The person who did it, I don't know why. Why would he do that? Why would you have so much hatred for him? He's not the person that would have hate for.”

The family has only lived in Houston since the summer, leaving Brooks' sister believing that this crime was random. Houston Police haven't figured out a motive behind the shooting and are asking for the public's help as they look for a suspect.

The Brooks family is from St. Louis. The family is now planning an unexpected funeral and hoping a GoFundMe page will help with the cost of that, and help to get the teen's body back to Missouri to be buried.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Houston Police Department.