HOUSTON – Two kids were shot while sitting in their car in southeast Houston Monday night.

Aurelia Hunter said both victims are her children, Steven Hunter, 15, and 12-year-old D'Asia Hunter.

Aurelia Hunter worries the shooting could be linked to drugs.

“You know, I’m thinking my son is going to do a summer job with other little boys his age. And it was actually a drug ring,” said Hunter.

She says her soon-to-be high school freshman son told her he was spending the summer selling things like candy and candles. Hunter said the money her teen son earned was used to buy school supplies for his four sisters.

“He made sure he bought his sisters shoes for school.”

HPD investigators say Steven was driving his family’s SUV. His younger sister was sitting in the back seat.

Just before midnight, police say the two were stopped at a light at the intersection of Scott Street and the 610 Loop.

Police believe a grey or silver Chrysler 200 pulled up along the driver’s side of the SUV. Someone inside the car shot the Hunter’s vehicle at least three times, shattering windows and piercing the side panel.

Hunter says her son was shot in his arm and chest, while her daughter was shot in the hip.

Hunter says her son drove the few blocks home right after the shooting.

“My daughter said he was screaming, I got hit. I got shot. I got shot. He didn’t know where,” said Hunter.

The mother says she worried her son wouldn’t make it to a hospital. So the family drove the children about a block away to Houston Fire Station 46.

“Firefighters had just gotten back from a call actually, when they noticed there were two people out here who needed help,” said HFD Spokeswoman Sheldra Brigham. “They were laying out on the slab and they immediately rushed out.”

Firefighters treated the children before they were rushed to a hospital. Both are still alive and in stable condition.

Hunter says both of her children required surgeries this morning.

Houston police identified a few witnesses. Investigators interviewed them overnight.

“Look more into what you think your children are doing,” warned Hunter. “I don’t know if is what they call a drug deal gone bad. I don’t know why. I mean my son is literally an A-B student. He’s very athletic. I was baffled of course, because I never would have thought it was that, that was going on.”