HOUSTON – Two suspects were arrested after police say they opened fire on officers conducting surveillance in the Third Ward early Monday.

According to the Houston Police Department, it started at about 3 a.m. when officers with the newly formed criminal apprehension unit were conducting surveillance in an unmarked vehicle in the 2100 block of Sampson near the Gulf Freeway.

A pair of suspects opened fire, with several shots hitting the left side of the unmarked vehicle and narrowly missing the officers. One bullet lodged into the driver’s seat.

“This is obviously very traumatic for them.” HPD Chief Art Acevedo said Monday morning.

The officers put out a call of shots fired and other support units in the area responded, police said.

The suspects fled on the Gulf Freeway but were eventually caught and arrested.

According to Acevedo, his officers never fired their weapons and even though their lives were in danger. He says they responded calmly, which he says he’s very proud of.

“When you see this car with bullet holes across the entire left side… you know that they were trying to kill the driver," Acevedo said.

Because the undercover officers never fired any shots themselves, they are still on active duty. However, the chief said counselors and chaplins are on hand if they would like to talk.

The names and charges the suspects face has not been released.