A house of worship in Sutherland Springs became a house or horror when violence struck in a place so many Texans hold sacred.

“To happen on a Sunday at church, it’s heartbreaking,” said Hot Wells Shooting Range GM Josh Vacek.

Vacek believes pastors and others should take aim at potential threats by packing heat.

“We think that there’s a chance we have a lot of heroes in these churches and all they need to do it take step one,” said Vacek. “And that’s carry that tool, carry that gun.”

Sunday’s tragedy prompted Hot Wells to offer free license to carry classes to all Houston-area clergy.

“Ministers, priests, any church leaders that want to come out and protect their flock,” said Vacek. “We want to help them do that.”

We did a quick search of churches in the Cypress area to gauge possible interest.

One pastor told us that he hunts, but would never consider a handgun carry permit.

Another admitted he has contemplated firearms training although it contradicts much of what he believes the church stands for.

Vacek, a church goer himself, told us he just wants to help ensure sacred places are also safe places.

“The way to do that is by strapping on a gun and upholding the law and being prepared,” said Vacek.

None of the clergy members we spoke with wanted to be identified.

But another said that, while he doesn’t want to arm himself, he encourages congregates who work in law enforcement to bring their weapons to church.