HOUSTON – Thieves put a southeast Houston lawn service company owner in an ambulance but the suspects never touched the man.

Latasha Ary's husband had a panic attack after seeing burglars take off with his equipment.

The suspects made a clean getaway even though cameras recorded the crime. The victim and others feel police should do more.

On Belneath Street near Crestmont, surveillance cameras above driveways caught the suspects stealing a trailer and an ATV.

The very next day, it captured a man taking tools and lawn equipment.

“My husband was throwing up,” Ary said.

Thieves stole his two leaf blowers, commercial weed eaters, two drill sets, a fully loaded toolbox and cologne.

“(My husband) wanted to kill them,” Ary said.

What made him sick was seeing the thieves getaway despite surveillance video and a photo of the suspect.

They say Houston Police need more to make arrests.

“We got a name of a person (and) the gentleman on the other line from the police department told me not to get my hopes up,” Ary said. “We know how tall (the suspect) is. (We know) how much he weighs probably. He has a receding hair line, all of this stuff. We could just go drive around and look for this guy, but we’re waiting on (police).”

Twelve doors away, Henry Bolding shared surveillance of burglars stealing from his truck too.

KHOU 11 News checked crime reports for thefts from other cars in the area around Bellfort between Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Plainview Street.

Police responded to three such crimes in as many days, according to CrimeReports.com. Officers took six reports in the last month and 23 in the last six months.

A Houston Police Department spokesman told KHOU 11 News officers are waiting for Bolding to send them his surveillance video.

In Ary’s case, officers could only get a vague description of the suspect from video and did not get enough information about the getaway truck or its license plate, the spokesman said.

Also, investigators tried to pull fingerprints, but could not. The suspect wore gloves, according to the spokesman.

So, investigators hope by sharing the video clips they will receive better tips.

Though tempted to track down and perhaps punish those who stole from him, Ary’s husband plans to wait.

“That’s what we’re supposed to do and we’re doing what we’re supposed to do as law-abiding citizens,” she said. “We’re not getting in return what we’re due.”