HOUSTON– A man who fought off would-be robbers and killed one attacker during a home invasion thought he was going to die.

Jose Geronimo and his wife spoke exclusively to KHOU 11 News. They came home battered, bloodied and wrapped in white hospital sheets Monday evening.

“(I feel) bad,” Geronimo said. “(I have) a lot of pain (in) my hands. (One attacker) broke my teeth and he hit my lady in the head too.”

Their attackers received worse injuries.

Mid-morning, someone knocked on the couple’s door on Meadowbrook in southeast Houston. Geronimo looked out his window and saw 26-year-old Randy Flores and 29-year-old Danielle Cano. Geronimo cracked open his door and was punched in the face.

“The lady came up and the guy came up (and) started hitting me,” he said.

The suspects pushed Geronimo into his kitchen and clobbered his wife over the head. The suspects then ran into a room and tried to haul away televisions.

However, they did were not ready for what happened next. Geronimo grabbed a kitchen knife and fought back.

“(One suspect) hit me with the TV in this hand and tried to get the knife,” Geronimo said.

So, Geronimo stabbed both attackers. He killed Flores. Cano ran several blocks and left a blood trail that police were able to follow to her.

“I’m feeling bad with what happened,” Geronimo said.

Neighbors do too. In Spanish, Fabiana Lira told KHOU 11 News that she is very worried because Houston police officers call her neighbor’s home invasion random.