A Heights area woman says enough is enough after burglars broke into her house for the second time.

Houston Police showed up to investigate after the break-in Saturday, but Sarah Maller has felt like investigators haven't done enough to catch the criminals, so she decided to do her own detective work.

Since the incident, Maller said she has gotten together with her neighbors. Maller told KHOU 11 News she was able to get a license plate of the suspect's car from a neighbor's surveillance and even an address of where she thinks the suspects live.

She's handed that over to Houston Police along with photos from the Nest camera in her 8-month-old's room that caught the thieves rummaging through her possessions.

"I feel a little helpless here," Maller said. "I can't physically go get the people and bring them to justice, and I realize HPD is probably stretched pretty thin, but I'm trying to do everything I can to get them to pay for this."

Houston Police are looking into the break-in from over the weekend. They came by after the initial call and told KHOU 11 News they followed up Monday.

Maller showed our cameras around as well, including into her 8-month-old daughter's room.

"They went through the changing table, they went through these closets of her clothes," Maller said. "It's just a huge violation, especially since it's your kid's room."

Maller said thousands of dollars of electronics were taken, including laptops, her TV and iPads. They also left her house in disarray.

Maller, who has lived in the home four years, said she knows it could've been even more.

"If I would've been here, then there are some pretty priceless things -- 'people' -- that could've been injured or hurt," Maller said.

Maller also said the thieves used her credit card at a CVS at the North Freeway and Crosstimbers, so she's hoping police can get surveillance video from there as well.