HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff's Office were serving a warrant looking for drugs and guns when a shootout with a suspect began.

Neighbors along Ashland Blvd. in Channelview say they woke up to gun shots - at least five of them - as deputies busted into an apartment.

"We heard gunshots a little bit before the sun came up. It was still dark. We didn't know what was going on too much at first," said neighbor Nathan George.

"As they were breaching the door, the suspect inside the residence retrieved an assault rifle and began firing at the deputies," said Thomas Gilliland with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies fired back at the suspect and fatally struck him. The suspect has not yet been identified.

"These are very highly dangerous situations that we put ourselves in for these types of search warrants. As you can see, the suspects are not afraid of using weapons against us," said Gilliland.

It's unknown how many deputies were involved. Per protocol, they have been placed on administrative leave.