HOUSTON – Deputies have identified a suspect in connection with the fatal shooting of a man in front of his pregnant wife during a possible case of road rage.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says Miguel Angel Resendez, 36, is charged with murder in the shooting death of 21-year-old Oscar Reyes and that there is a warrant for his arrest.

The incident happened a week ago on Feb. 27 early Monday at Aldine Westfield and Hartwick

Deputies say a man was shot and killed in front of his pregnant wife during a case of road rage overnight in north Houston. Photo: Courtesy

Investigators said Reyes and his pregnant wife were driving down Aldine Westfield when they began to have car problems near Hartwick. There was a dark-colored SUV behind the couple that started to get impatient with them.

However, Reyes was not able to get their car off the road. That is when the suspect vehicle began ramming the rear of the couple’s Honda Civic, deputies said.

Deputies said at that point Reyes exited the car, and had words with the suspect driver who deputies have identified as Resendez. They say he then fired multiple shots at Reyes.

Reyes’ wife witnessed the whole thing.

Then a third vehicle, a white or silver truck, came along heading north on Aldine Westfield and ran over Reyes while he was down in the middle of the road, deputies said. The truck did not stop and kept going.

The unidentified suspect in the SUV also fled the scene as well, deputies said.

Resendez is described as a Hispanic male 5 feet 10 inches in height and weighing 220 pounds. He has black colored hair and brown colored eyes.