HOUSTON - Calandrian Kemp never thought she'd get the phone call that someone had murdered her son.

"It's been three and a half years since I have not hugged my child," she said. "George would've been 24 now."

George Kemp was murdered in Fulshear in 2013.

Friday was National Gun Violence Awareness Day, a day to honor the victims and survivors of gun violence.

Calandrian Kemp is now advocating on her son's behalf and speaking out about sensible gun laws.

"George is my son. He's not a case file. He's my son," Kemp said. "This day is a symbolic way that we can recognize that we have a problem with guns here in America especially here in Houston."

Houston has its fair share of shootings but when compared to other cities around the nation, it's not even in the Top Ten.

KHOU 11 News crunched the numbers though from the Gun Violence Archive.

This year, 287 people have been affected by gun violence in Houston: 126 people have been killed while 126 have been injured. According to research, that's nearly two injuries or deaths per day.

According to the archive, Houston averages 550 gun-related incidents per year since 2015. At 287 so far in 2017, Houston is on pace to surpass that average.

Gun violence statistics in Houston are comparable to other major cities.

"It's all about empowerment," Kemp said. "You don't have to lay down but you do have to forge ahead. If you think it's not a problem, just come knock on the Kemp's door and come sit down with us to have a talk and come see what it's like to be grieving parents."

Nationally in 2017 more than 6,300 have been killed by gun violence which comes to nearly 42 people per day, according to the archive.