HOUSTON – A Harris County grand jury Friday declined to indict Chad Holley for capital murder in a 2016 case.

Chad Holley, who was at the center of a civil rights lawsuit over a beating by Houston police officers, was accused of the September shooting death of 42-year-old David Trejo-Gonzalez. The victim was gunned down during a robbery at his apartment complex at 122 Crosstimbers.

Chad Holley in 2016

When Holley was first arrested, community activist Quanell X said Holley denied he had killed anyone.

“I promised Chad Holley’s mother on her deathbed that I would keep an eye Chad who is not a perfect young man but God is not through with [him] yet,” he said in a statement. “I will reserve judgment and I ask the public to do also until we learn all the facts.”

Holley, 22, is also facing three other charges from October of last year: Theft; trespassing; and burglary of a habitation.

Holley was 15 when he made national headlines in 2010 after a video was released showing four former HPD officers kicking and stomping him. Holley had tried to run away while they were questioning him about a burglary.

Chad Holley mug shots from 2012 to 2014. 

Community leaders expressed outrage that the video was not released to the public sooner.

Four of the officers involved were indicted on misdemeanor charges. Drew Ryser was convicted of a misdemeanor oppression charge. Raad Hassan and Phil Bryan pleaded no contest and got two years probation each. Andrew Blomberg was found not guilty during a trial.

In 2015, a judge dismissed Holley's federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Houston.

Holley was convicted of the original burglary in juvenile court and put on probation. In 2012, he was convicted of another burglary charge and given seven more years of probation.