HOUSTON – The burglars who terrified the Glenshire community by barging into four homes and shooting two police officers are known gang members, investigators said.

One suspect, identified as Earl Riley, died in a shootout with police. The other remains on the run.

They are both members of a gang that has a history of robbery, running guns, drugs, murder and more, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

“They all are capable of extreme violence,” Mike Knox, a gang expert and Houston City Councilman. “They all are capable of committing all kinds of crime and so they’re all a problem anytime they appear.”

Knox helped build HPD’s gang unit in the late ‘80’s. He literally wrote the book on handling street gangs and remains a sought after speaker on the subject in North America.

He told KHOU 11 News that name the gang involved in the shooting only helps them recruit, so we have chosen not to give its name.

However, the group wins over kids across Houston based on promises of respect, safety and a sense of belonging, Knox said.

“They deliver none of these,” he added. “In fact, they increase your risk of injury or death. They’re the exact opposite of a family and the respect they offer is based in fear which ultimately leads to violence in any case.”

Tuesday, police working to end the gang’s crime spree in southwest Houston landed in hospitals.

“We’re hoping for the best,” Jazmin Munoz, wife of one of the officers shot said.

Family of Officer Jose Munoz and Officer Ronny Cortez happily hugged after announcing both men will survive. They thanked the public for their acts of kindness. Then, they left the medical center hand-in-hand simply praying for recovery.

Officer Munoz went home Wednesday. Officer Cortez remains in the hospital.

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