GALVESTON, Texas- The Friendswood police officer who shot and killed an alleged shoplifter in November 2016 will not be charged, prosecutors said Wednesday.

A Galveston County Grand Jury has decided to take no action against Officer Brad Rusk after completing its investigation.

According to authorities, Rusk responded to a shoplifting call at a Shell Station in Friendswood on Nov. 29, 2016. The store clerk told him a man stole a beer from the store.

The officer asked the suspect, Toby Dean Cummins, who was at a nearby sidewalk to stop. Police said Cummins refused to listen to the officer's orders and began to charge at him with a box-cutter. Rusk fired at Cummins four times and killed him.

The Grand Jury had access to all evidence which included audio/video recordings, witnesses, agency investigations and more.