An ex-cop is in jail Thursday night, accused of twisted murder-for-hire plot involving his wife and another woman.

Michael McNatt, 63, is charged with solicitation to commit capital murder, two counts of solicitation to commit aggravated kidnapping with intent to commit sexual assault.

McNatt thought he had hired hitmen, but it turns out he was talking to undercover officers. He is being held at the Harris County Jail without bond.

"That is pretty cheap and disgusting," said Lt. James Holt, Pasadena Police.

It's a murder-for-hire plot that led police to raid McNatt's Pasadena home.

"I mean, that's wild, you know," said Mitchell Trotter, a neighbor.

Neighbors were surprised to learn McNatt was arrested Wednesday night at a nearby Target parking lot where he's accused of hiring undercover cops to kidnap and sexually assault his wife and her female friend, then kill that friend. Police say McNatt thought his wife was cheating on him with that woman.

"The suspect initially agreed to pay $500 for these acts to be carried out and later he produced $100 in cash and three gold rings," Holt said.

Investigators say McNatt and his wife were estranged, and neighbors say it seemed like something set the couple off.

"She left maybe freaked out, but I know that cops were here a month ago," Trotter said.

Even more disturbing, as McNatt appeared in court, police revealed they found tools inside his car to tie down and torture his wife and her friend. A terrifying plot investigators are glad they stopped before it ever came to fruition.

"It's a serious case, and something we wanted to bring to a close quickly and like I said, we are proud of them for doing that," Holt said.

Houston Police confirm McNatt worked for the department from 1982 to 1986. A spokesperson tells KHOU he was fired in '86 for breaking rules on working extra jobs. He also worked as an officer for the cities of Ames and Clear Lake Shores.

McNatt is expected in court again Friday morning.