HOUSTON – A driver slammed into two homes in north Houston before being arrested for on a charge of driving while intoxicated.

According to the Houston Police Department, the crash happened on Lelay Circle, right off of Main and Whitney.

Investigators said no one was hurt from the crash, but now, there is quite a mess left behind for these homeowners.

From downed fences to chunks of brick, there’s debris everywhere around.

Police said the suspected drunk driver first crashed into a fence, then two houses, and even a car before finally coming to a stop.

Residents said they were sound asleep when it happened.

“It was loud, like deep noise,” Kevin Delcid, witness, said.

“A whole mess, like fences all around, people screaming and everything,” Amy Fuentes, witness, said.

The suspect driver is lucky to be alive. He had a close call when a section of a fence he hit that went right through his windshield.

For the homeowners, they have already been through a lot. According to neighbors, these houses also flooded during Harvey.