CONROE, Texas -- A man was arrested Thursday night in Conroe after he allegedly shot at a vehicle with a child inside.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a deadly conduct call around 8:30 p.m. Thursday on Highway 242. They say 21-year-old Brandon Ogden of Lumberton, Texas, blew a large air horn installed on his truck, and a man pulled alongside him at a traffic light to ask why he was blowing the horn.

Deputies say as the cars drove down the highway, Ogden blew his air horn numerous times and swerved toward the man’s vehicle where his 3-year-old daughter was asleep in the back seat. According to officials, the drivers of both vehicles pulled to the side of the road and got into an argument in which Ogden pulled out a gun and pointed it toward the man’s head. Both men got back into their cars and began driving with Ogden following behind.

Authorities say the man slowed to allow Ogden to pass him. That’s when he claims Ogden said he would “kill him.” With Ogden driving in front, deputies say he pointed the gun toward the driver’s side window of the man’s car and fired an unknown number of times.

Deputies recovered a semi-automatic handgun matching the man's description in the passenger seat of Ogden’s car during the investigation.

Ogden was charged with misdemeanor deadly conduct and misdemeanor reckless driving. The deadly conduct charged was dropped on Friday.

Ogden is out of jail on a PR bond.