HOUSTON – A rash of overnight car break-ins, has Houston police searching for whomever did it.

More than 30 cars were broken into at several motels near Airport Boulevard and the Gulf Freeway early Monday.

Turns out, some of those victims were Harvey evacuees.

“I’m tired of it,” said Diana Elias, one of the victims.

One glance at her car’s shattered windows, is all it takes for Diana Elias to break down.

“It’s just everything, it’s just you know one thing after another, we have to leave the hotel today, we have nowhere else to go,” said Elias, whose FEMA assistance is now up.

Like dozens of others, Elias and her two sons have been calling a room at the Spring Hill Suites home for the last few weeks, after losing their own to Harvey.

“You know they don’t need to see this, they’ve already been through enough,” said Elias.

But early Monday morning, her car along with 30 plus others were broken into just outside the motels parking lot.

“This is the last thing I need,” said Elias.

Only minor items were taken, but some were upset police didn’t come to assist immediately, including Teresa Brown.

“We’ve called since 4 a.m. and have been told the same story, that the next available officer would be in route,” said Brown.

Asking how much more they could take, after losing whatever few possessions they had.

“You feel invaded, there’s no safety nowhere,” said Brown.

Police did eventually show up, they’re now investigating the rash of car break-ins looking for whoever is responsible for hitting up several more cars parked at motel lots nearby.

Until then, Elias and others are left wondering.

“Why, why if you’ll already know what we’ve been through, we don’t need anything else, we’ve been through enough,” said Elias.

The victims say police said they were responding to multiple homicide reports overnight, which caused the delay.

Spring Hill Suite management says customer safety comes first, and that they’re cooperating with detectives to figure out what happened.